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  • New Orleans Rental Registry | By: Nicolas Zepeda

The New Orleans city council is under much pressure to approve the rental registry ordinance. Please ACT NOW! This ordinance has strong support by members of the city council, our Mayor and housing advocacy groups. There is momentum behind it, and we need to get out OUR opposition as investors, landlords and renters. It is:

-Unconstitutional (requires unwarranted searches by government agents of residences, a direct violation of your constitutional rights - 4th Amendment).

-Unnecessary - As-needed inspections triggered by tenants (requesting an inspection) would solve the problem in a cheap and legal way.

-Unfairly applied. Why should renters be subject to ILLEGAL GOVERNMENT searches of their homes while homeowners are not?

-Will SICKEN the New Orleans rental housing market. This layer of government intrusion and taxation would make Orleans Parish an unattractive place for future investment by landlords. It would drive investors to St Tammany, Jefferson, St Bernard and Tangipahoa Parishes in search of less hassle and government overreach. It would drive up costs for rentals as landlords WILL pass the expenses onto tenants. Many property owners will convert rentals to short-term rentals or single family homes for sale to avoid this. The ultimate result of this will make rentals fewer and more expensive for New Orleans residents. In a nutshell, the owner of a 4 plex, under the law would be assessed approx $240 annually assuming no missed appointments.  Research online indicates that the fees tend to go up once the populace has accepted the law... The key is to oppose it and keep it from occurring.

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, WRITE YOUR COUNCILMEMBER OR ALL COUNCILMEMBERS! LET ALL YOUR CLIENTS AND FRIENDS WHO RENT.  SAMPLE LETTERS & Contact info for council members ARE ATTACHED.  Do this soon as the council could vote as early as next week.  Send via email and US Mail for added effect.  (sample letters included for convenience)


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