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At each NOREIA general meeting, we have a market update, exchange of real estate deals, and educational information. This includes Expert Panels, National Speakers, Professional Experts and Local Speakers.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sheraton Metairie
Four Galleria Boulevard
Metairie, LA 70001

Augie Byllott

Augie Byllott
Invest like a Ninja…..

The Ninjas were a notorious band of highly skilled Japanese assassins. They were deadly because they were precise, disciplined and true masters of their craft.

The Ninja moved silently, with agility, and power. The interesting thing is that they were born with no special abilities. They were taught, they practiced and they mastered their craft. They became so good that people believed they actually had super human powers.

While we investors aren’t assassins, we do need to develop skills, we need to learn how to buy, lease and sell properties with speed, accuracy and do it profitably. Just as they knew many different techniques for getting the job done, so must we.

The first parallel between the Ninja and the Ninja investor is that they both posses clarity of purpose and intent. Bad programming, limiting beliefs or an attitude of “woe is me” does not cloud their thinking or distract them from their purpose? They are forward moving and always improving their level of skill.

The Ninja used a variety of weapons with deadly skill and accuracy. The Ninja investor must be able to wield the tools of our craft as well. Both need to take action to achieve their goals.

The Ninja could react with amazing speed and flexibility. As a Ninja investor we to must make decisions quickly and many times we will need to offer our prospect more than one alternative and so we too must be flexible.

How many investing weapons are in your tool kit? How many have you mastered? Can you buy without cash or credit? Do you generate plenty of leads? Can you raise capital for your projects with a phone call or two? Can you make big money on properties you do not own?

With the right training, enough intentional practice you too can become a Ninja investor.   So come Thursday, March 16th and find out what “The 7 Ninja Secrets of Real Estate Investing” is all about.

And if that is not enough, we have a GREAT Saturday Seminar on Saturday, March 18th, 2017. Augie will educate us in detail on the “The 30K Business Formula”. 

If you could create a business that produced $25,000 a month, would it change your life? For some of you reading this the answer is no; but I’m writing to the rest of you. Years ago when I began investing I had a pretty limited vision of just what was possible as a real estate investor. I was loaded with limiting beliefs, doubts and fears but then I came across a simple principle that changed everything.

My roadmap for success was based on wrong beliefs and bad information.

It is actually where I first came up with the idea of using what I call Intellectual Capital to engineer transactions. That’s right, Transaction Engineering. Before this, all I knew was that I needed money to make money (a false belief), I needed a real estate agent to find me a house (another falsehood), a banker to finance the property (a complete falsehood) and ten or more years to make a profit (the fourth fallacy). My roadmap for success was based on wrong beliefs and bad information.

Did you know, you can buy and sell properties without agents, banks or even your own money?   I didn't then but I sure do now! There are techniques and strategies that allow you to use what I call positive leverage to create significant passive income while generating massive profits, well massive to me anyway, and this market is the ideal place to implement them.

Sound good? Of course it does, but there is always a catch, isn’t there? You guessed it, in order to use these strategies you have to know how to implement. It isn’t simply a matter of knowing what to do but how to do it.

“Own nothing, control everything.”

My philosophy is safe, profitable investing which makes the “how to” so critical. So, what is this technique to which I refer? It is the idea of control without ownership in some cases and it is controlling the existing financing in others. John D. Rockefeller was an extremely wealthy man and credited with the statement, “own nothing, control everything.”

The idea of control can come in the form of property options and/or leases. There tools can gives us certain rights without the responsibilities of ownership. When we couple these with leases to produce passive income we can begin churning out passive income. So what does that option agreement or the ability to control the financing do? It locks in additional profits in the form of appreciation and amortization.

The bottom line is a single transaction that can provide not one, but three streams of income. Creating Wealth With Lease Options should be part of every investor’s tool kit because of the flexibility it can create when either buying or selling. As a selling technique it creates more profitable transactions and on the buying side when properly executed eliminates most risk.

See you all there!!!


Date: Thursday, March 16, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Sheraton Metairie
Four Galleria Boulevard
Metairie, LA 70001

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